Kentucky's Music Heritage

Kentucky Sings


This land is mine, I sing of it to you. My land beneath the sky of white and blue. This land is mine for I am a part of it.”


Jesse Stuart

( Man with a Bull Tongue Plow )

Music is as much a part of Kentucky as horse farms and highlands, as varied as Kentucky’s scenic landscapes are the genres of song – folk, gospel, bluegrass, pop, blues, jazz, opera and country.


While the various branches of country music take center stage here at the museum, all forms of Kentucky music are honored. From the unadorned and untrained mountain music performed on front porches to the refined and ever-expanding boundaries of today’s sounds.


The Kentucky Music Hall of Fame provides Kentuckians, young and old, with a coherent picture of their musical past. It will be an important part of our legacy to them.


The contribution which Kentucky has made to all genres of American music is immeasurable. The preservation effort of artifacts and history is underway.

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